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Heei Folks!How are you?I'm fine.My name's Tomaaž and I'm 15.My birthday is on the 9th of June.I have a big familiy: Me,my parents and 2 brothers one is younger and one is older.I live in Kranj and I'm attending the secondary school of economics in Kranj.My favourite subject is P.E. because I like all kinds of sports.Yes I'm sportsman.I play hockey at Hockey Club Triglav Kranj and I'm very good at it.I've been to Canada,Austria,Czech Republic...etc.
I like:hockey,friends,hot babes,good parties...Yes I am a veeeeeery easygoing person,because i think life is beautiful;)..I like motorcycles too.I have one at home and when I have time I have a ride with it.When I'll have to earn my own money I'll be probably a hockey player in NHL,I hope this will come true. Did I mentioned that I'm single?I like rock music.I don't read at all. I loooove summer but i hate autumn.I think that's all...FOR NOW blog me and you'll know more about me:)



My name is Zerina,and my surname is Mahmutović.I was born 27th of May 1993 in Bosnia and Herzegovina,and I live in Slovenija in Kranj with my mum,dad and sister!My sister is name Armina and she is 8 years old,my mum is name Azra,and my dad is name Omer!My zodiac sign is gemini.I live a block of flats this is my permament address!My favourite subject is biolgy,I also like English cllases because is foreign languages.My material status is single,my hobbies is playing volleyball!My favourite male and female filmstar is Jim Carry and Angelina Jolie!I like all music to listen!I don´t have pet because I don´t love animals! If you want to know more about me... you can ask me!!!Bye


Heei everyone:)..My name is Maša and I'm 15.I live in Tržič.My birthday is on the 7th of May so as you can see my zodiac sign is taurus. I have a family too,but is not so big...because I'm an onlychild but that's fine to me.I have brown hair,brown eyes and I'm for about 1.70 m tall.So..i Love: my boyfriend(guys I'm NOT single anymore),shopping,gosipping with my girlfriends,snowboarding in winter,parties,friends,travelling around the world...I like pop music and i can't imagine day without it:).I'm very sociable,friendly,sometimes moody,talkative and easygoing.My favourite sport is probably volleyball when it's warm and snowboarding when it's veeery cold and it's snow outside:)..I'm attending the secondary school of economics in Kranj.My facvourite subject is P.E.,because of teacher..He rocks:)..I don't like books I prefer reading magazines.What about the future?Because I like cosmetics i want to be a cosmetician. I just can't wait to meet new people,have a chat with them...So this is a short description of me...if you want to know me bettter just blog me..Why not?



My name is Jure. I was born on the 4th of January in 1993 in Kranj. I live in Tržič in a block. My zodiac sing is capricorn. I haven' t got eny brothers or sisters. My hobbys are football, basketball, volleyball, computer games and online manager computer games... I listening pop music and sometimes rock too. I'm enthusiastic on economy and I will probably be a manager or I will do someting with politics. My favourite colour is blue and my best school subject are economy and maths. The best movie which I ever see is Braveheart. The beautiful language for me is Spanish.
My favourite male actor is Mel Gibson and female is Jennifer Anniston.If you want to know more about me...just ask... =)
Bye* =)


My name is Eva. I was born in 1993 in Kranj, so I'm 15 years old. My bitrhday is on 26th of April. I'm taurus. I live in Trstenik. My adress is Trstenik 1i. This is a permanent adress. I live in a detached house. I live there with my family - mother, father and brother. My brother is older than me, and he's very annoying. I'm attending school of Economics in Kranj this year. I go to school by car. Last year I was attending primary school Simon Jenko. My best subjects in school are English and German. I'm stubborn, friendly, funny, helpful... I love my friends, my boyfriend, music, shopping... In my free time I usually play computer, go out with my friends, listen to music, go for a walk, dance, sing... I think that's enough about me. If you want to know something else, just ask me. Bye-Bye*


  • My name is Mia. I am 14 years old and i am from Kranj. I have birthday on 21 of november.My zodiac sign is scorpio.
  • I have one sister Jasna and one brother Simon and they are both older than me. I like sports like football, volleyball, basketball and I like karate. Last year I was training volleyball in primary school. I hope I wil train volleyball this year too because i really like it.
  • I like american music like hip hop and this stuff.
  • I was in USA last year in New York, it was so cool. And i was in France too in Paris. once I was in summer and once in winter. It was great. I really like Paris they have so cool clothes and food. It is really beautiful town no matter in which season=D.
  • Now i am in secondary school of Economics in Kranj. The school in nice and the teachers are great. My favourite subject is Slovene:) hehe:DIn Slovenia i have many friends. From primary school and now i got so much new friends. I love them.I like animals too..
  • One year ago i had a chinchila. it was so nice and pretty animal i really miss it.
  • My favorite man actor is Chad Michael Murray..and my favorite woman actor is Angelina Jolie.
    My favorite singers are:50cent, T.I.,Chris Brown, Bow Wow, Ne-yo, Rihanna, Beyonce, Jordin Sparks...i
  • f you've already seen at a font you can noticed that the pink is my favorite color.
  • I like shopping so that way i write i love Paris because there aro so many shops:D
  • That's me. so if you want to now me better, just say=) baii* Mia*

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Biljana's own blog&profile




I'm Urška and I'm 15 years old. I was born on 31.7.1993 so I'm a Leo. I have a younger sister Maša and as you can see, she is very nice. my mother and father are divorced so now i have a stepfather. His name is Zoran. We live in Drulovka in a block of flats. i like to live in Drulovka very much. My best friend is Katarina. she is very beautiful. i adore listening to the music especially Trance, techno, schranz and house. I can't imagine my day without it. i like reading. my favourite book is Rose in Winter. I also like watching Movies. I like horrors and romantic comedies, but my favourite movies are Armagedon, Titanic and Pearl Harbor. i always cry in the end of this movies[blush]....i like playing cards, volleyball and chating with my that's me. If you want to know more about meyou can ask me for my MSN..Byee[love]

Hi !
My name is Martin. I'm 15 years old. My birthday is on 19th of July. My zodiac sings is cancer. I come from Škofja Loka. I live in Podlubnik in big flat, with sister (16 years old), brother(20 years old), mom and dad. I´m attending the secondary school of economics in Kranj. I like running, playing computer games and watching TV. I like travelling too. I've already been in USA (Boston), Canada (Montreal), Tunisia, Italy (Venice, …), Austria (Salzburg, …), Germany (Munchen), France (Pariz), … . I don´t like eating vegetable. I like listening rock and other music too.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Just me=)

Heii^^ My name is Tinna. I'm 14 years old. My birthday is on 3rd of November. I'm an open minded girl, who likes adventures, meeting new friends, shopping and I can't live without my friends. I love gossiping with my friends=D. I like travelling a lot too. I've already been in great Britain, Poland, Italy, Austria (Salzburg, Wien), Germany (Munchen). I love dance, particularly hiphop (I've been dancing for more than a year). Beside dance i like horse-back riding, playing beach volley, climbing and playing piano. I looove parties and music, especially trance, techno, schranz, house and hiphop. I've got long straight blond hair and blue eyes. At home I'm never alone. My company are my older sister and younger brother. I've a dog. Her name is Lora. I had a fish too, but she passed away last month (rip=/)...well that’s me in few sentences. If you wont to know more… just ask me=) Bye<3

Monday, October 6, 2008


My name is Miranda and my nickname is Mandy. I'm 15 years old. i have birthday on 06th of September. I have one brother and one sister.they are older than me. I live in block of flats with my mother,father and brother. I like animals and my favorite animal is cat. I love summer time, because we have holidays and i like parties and beach. I like reading, swimming, running, play basketball and i go in economics grammar school.i listen every kind of music... That's short description about me...

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Hi... !
My name's Katarina and I'm 15 years old. My birthday is on 18th of January. I love winter, because is the season of my birth.I've one sister and one brother.They're older than me...I've mother and father too, but they are divorce.Ok ...that's enough about my family. Let's talk about me...I like animals....and my favourite type of them are dogs...i love my dog...Oh....he's so cute...and his name's Pikii or Piko (: ...I've two dogs, five cats and one bird. I love music....I live for the music (: ...My favourite type of music are ...and I love party too. My friends think that I am a lil' a bit crazy...but that just the way i am...I love my friends...they're my everything...I hope they know that.I've best friend...her name's is Urška...she's a very nice person...I don't like reading...but i like playing volleyball. My favourite films are the butterfly effect...the butterfly effect 2...step up...step up 2...stomp the got served...That's enough about me =* c'yaaa***



My name is Tina, i`m 16 years old. My birthday is on of

May. I live in Slovenia. I have 2 younger sisters and i live with my mother. I have a lot of hobbies, my main are listening to music, drawing and martial arts. I don`t have favourite band, or favourite singer. I like listening to rock, alternative, j-pop, j-rock, punk, electronic music, ... I have a jackrabbit and her name is Ai ( japanese for love, but she is the total opposite). i don`t know, what do i want to be. But i still have time for that. My favourite movie is The Butterfly Effect. My goal for this year and the next is to be excellent in school, to learn Spanish and Italian and go around Europe.If you want to know more about me, ask me.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Anci :)

Hi! ...

I'm Anja and I'm 15.My birthday is on 2nd of July.I'm from Slovenia and I live in Kranj. I have one younger brother,he's 12 and he's veeeeery annoying=) Oh..and I've got a mother and father. So enough about my family let's talk about ME(:
So..I love shopping,music and sexy guys;)..I'm talkative,optimistic,easy going,sociable...AND single.=) Some people would say I'm a litle bit crazy but I don't mind because I enjoy every second of my life.I like reading books especially novels=)I love gossiping with my girlfriends:) I like parties too ;)..I don't have a favourite sport and I don't have a favourite subject.I want to be an actress or maybe a lawyer or a judge I don't know.But I know I Loooove music especially techno:) I like meeting new people and I can't wait to meet you:)..So IF you want to blog me...what are you waiting for..?

P.s: I DON'T bite :)..Have a nice day=*


Thursday, October 2, 2008


Hello !!!!
My name is Sfia , I am sixteen years old I was born on the eighteen august 1992.
I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters.
I live in Amiens in Picardie.
My nationality is French but I am from Morocco.
My mother is a housewife.
My father is retired .
I study accounting.
My favorite singer is Rohff, Kenza farah .
My favorite sport is baskeball.
I hate football.
My favorite movie is devdas.
My hobbies are msn and tv.
I love my boyfriend and chocolate .
I hate mathematics and rain showers .




My name is Anthony Décavé, I am 15 years old, I was born on 30/01/1993, I am from in Amiens.

I have 1 brother and 2 sisters, I have 2 pets: 1 dog and 1 cat.
My father works in Whirlpool and my mother is a nanny.

My dream job is accountant, I study accounting.
My favorite sport is football, I hate being watched,
My favorite movie is Fast and Furious Tokyo Drive
I prefer the singer Timbaland.
I love football and I like going to the cinema
I am crazy about having fun with my friends


My name is Bozkaya Ayse. I am 15 years old. My date birthday is 12 December 1992.I’m from Amiens, France. I live in flat with my family.
My family consists of my mum, dad, 3 sisters and 1 brother. My brother is 19 years old, my first sister is 20 years old, my second sister is 23 years old, my last sister is 24 years old. My mum is a women housewife and my dad work in building.
I have goldfish named Romeo and Juliette. My dream job is an accountant. My subjects are accounting (interesting), economics, IT, maths, English and so an…I don’t have any singer.
My prefer sport is tennis. I hate hand ball. My favorite movie is Devdas. My hobbies are internet or sport. I like my friends.


Hi !

My name is Cindy Dupont.
I’m sixteen years old. I am born on the seven june 1992.
I live in Hargicourt. I have a brother and a sister.
I have a german dog and three rabbits.
I study accounting. My dream job is to become an accountant.
My favourite singer is “Inaya”.
I don’t like sport.
My favourite movie is “Write to exist” and “American History X”.
My hobbies are football on TV and watching movies.
I like the ultra football movement, internet and the big dogs. I dislike mathematics.

Goodbye !



My name is kimberley ,I am 16 old.
I was born in amiens .
I have got one sister and two brother.

My nationality in French but I am from Cameroun.
I am interesting in fashion, basket ball.
I am fond of music, I love music is dance hip hop,msn

My mother in work and my father’s job is retired.
I study accounting.
my favourite singer is lil wayne and beyonce

I don’t have any movie .



Hello everybody!

My name is Thomas Cardon, I am 18 years old and I’m from Amiens, France.
I have 1 brother, he is 21 years old, and 1 sister: she is 28 years old.
I have one pet, my Dog is a Labrador, (I love dogs!).
I live in house with my father, I was born in Amiens on the 20th August 1990
I am a vegan since 3 years.
My mother is a health carer.
I play the guitar,
My favourite band is Nirvana , Soad(System of a down)
My favourite sport is hand ball
My favourite movie is Spoof Movie
My hobbies are playing music, driving, and Computer programming.
I would like to become an IT technician.
I study Accounting.
I hate hockey.
I like smoking.
I am crazy about my dog !




My name is Marie Danten.
I’m 15 years old, the date of my birthday is in 07 October
I live in Gentelles with my family: I have one sister, she will be 19 years old in 08 October
She is very funny.
I love my parents .It’s my life.
My dad is commercial manager in an insurance company .My mum job’s is a worker.

I have one cat is name is calinous
I like dancing and the music.
I hate the hypocritical.
My favourite cartoon is Le roi lion.

I dream job’s vet assistant
I’m crazy candyfloss.
My favourite sport is dance.




My name is Florian and surname is Codron .
I am 16 years old.
I was born on 24/03/1992.
I live in Amiens.
I was born in Amiens.
I have one brother .
I don’t have any sister.
I don’t have any pet .
My mother is a secretary and my father has a shop.
I don’t have any job.
I study accounting.
My favourite singer is The Hoosiers.
My favourite sport is Tennis
I hate Spanish
My favourite movie is “ Un jeu d’enfant “
My hobbies are Tennis and Football and computer
I like chocolate .

Bye .



My name is HALLOT
My forename is Kévin
I am 16 years old
I was born on 02/01/1992
I was born in Amiens
I live in Amiens
I have a sister
I don’t have any brother
My father is a factory manager
My mother is a hotel manager
I would like to become a real estate agent
I am studying accounting
My favourite singer is CHRIS BROWN
My favourite sport is football
I hate homeworks
My favourite movie is Step’In
My hobbies are music and football
I prefer Spanish
I like dancing
I love MSN
I hate school


Hello !

My name is Gwennaëlle Nicolas
I am 16 years old
I live in Pont-de-Metz in France
I also have a dog (Noucky)
My hobbies are sports (running) and computers
I love music
I like going out with friends
My mum is a worker
I don’t have any sister or brother
I don’t have any favourite singer
I don’t have any favourite movie
I study accounting
I don’t like English




My name is Johanny and I’m 17 years old, my birthday is on the 14th august 1991. I live in Vignacourt next to Amiens in France with my family.
I have one sister, she is 14 years old.
I have one cat.
My favourite hobby is going to parties.
My favourite movie is American Pie.
I study accounting.
My favourite school subjects are sport and maths; I hate French.
I practice football in a club, my favourite team is Paris St Germain!!

I can’t wait to meet you!



My name is Athénaïs Jacob
I am 16 years old

I was born on 24/03/1992 in Amiens.
I am from Cottenchy, France.

I have one brother and one sister, aged 14 and 12.
I have got one dog (tessy).
My father is an electrician and my mother is a housewife.

I plan to become an accountant and my dream is to buy a big house.
This year I am in “seconde baccalauréat professionnel” and I study accouting.

My favorite singer is “ basshunters “ ( “ now you’re gone “ ).
I don’t have any favorite sport.
I don’t have any favorite movie.
I love listening to music , I love chatting on msn and I like going out with friends.



Hello !

My name is Marine I am 16 years old
I live in Vignacourt next to Amiens in France
My family consists of my mum, dad and one brothers and two sisters aged 32, 27 and 20.
My mum is a child assistant
My dad is retired
I also have a dog (oryx)
I am crazy about animals
I love music, I don’t have any favorite singer
I like going for a walk with friends.
I don’t have any favorite sport
I plan to become an accountant and my dream is to buy a big house
This year I am in “seconde baccalauréat professionnel”, I study accounting

Goodbye !


Hello my name is Guillaume
I am 15 years old
I’m French
I live in AMIENS
I don’t any brothers or sisters
I have one pet it’s a cat
My parents are estate agents
I want to become an accountant
My actual studies are accounting in a vocational school
I don’t have any favorite singer
My favourite sport is tennis
I have two hobbies : computer and TV
I prefer music and I love my computer….
At the end I dislike school like any teenager

I’ve finished then good bye


Hi !!

My name is Louisa and I’m 16 years old, my birthday is in
I live in Amiens with my family: I have one brother, he has 20 years old
He is very funny.
My mum is very friendly.
My parents are divorced, and my mum is a nurse.
I have one cat he is 4 years and a half old he is so nice.
I don’t have a dream job.
My favourite hobbies are music and hip hop dance
My favourite movie is “Dirty Dancing” and “Street Dancer”
In my school I have a lot of friends. My best-friend’s name is Nathan he is cute
and very funny.
My favourite school subjects are English and Arts but I hate mathematics.
I study accounting and I like it.
My favourite sport is dance, I practice hip hop dance in a club and I go to Paris for dance contests.

I can’t wait to meet you



HI !

My name is Lady-Grâce,
I am 16 years old
I was born on may 29th in 1992,
I am from Neuchâtel, Switzerland and
I live in Amiens.
My family consists of my mother, father two sisters and one brother.
My mum is a nurse and my dad is a worker.
I don’t have pets.
I want to be an accountant but for the moment, I am a student
I am crazy about Usher and Missy Eliot it is my favorite singers and I like music
Rnb, ragga, hip-hop, dancehall, rap us, zouk love, Kuduro.
My favorite sport is dancing but I hate IT it is boring.
I like going to the cinema with my friends.
My favorite movie is Street Dancer and I Love You Basketball)
Contact me
You can be any sex/age/race/country
Good Bye KiSs