Sunday, March 29, 2009

A fairytale

Once upon a time a charming princess lived in her medieval castle. Her father was the king of the land she lived in, so she got everything, that she wanted. She was very spoiled, because everyone got her everything that she desired.

One day her father married a woman from a farther kingdom. She was very beautiful, more than the princess. The spoiled princess didn`t like her new stepmother, so she sent away her father to get her golden apples. She knew that a fearsome dragon was guarding them, so a handsome hunter went with him. When her father was away, she ordered to get her stepmother locked in a tower. She got what she wanted. Her stepmother didn`t know what she had done wrong to deserve this, so she cried day and night to let her go.

Then one day a handsome hunter came back without the king. The princess asked him where her father was, but he only cried. He told her that her father was eaten by the dragon and that he could barely get himself out alive. She was very angry because her father died and the hunter was still alive. She ordered to take him into the dungeons and torture him with torturing devices. A good old woman saw, what had become with the princess and how bitter her soul had become. She asked her neighbour, the wicked witch, if she could do anything about it. The wicked witch got her magic wand, freed the handsome hunter and the queen and then locked the princess into the tower. The princess didn`t know what hit her. The queen knew that her new husband wasn`t alive any more, so she started to rule the land. The handsome hunter got a golden chariot in exchange for protecting her. And they lived happily ever after.