Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Heei Folks!How are you?I'm fine.My name's Tomaaž and I'm 15.My birthday is on the 9th of June.I have a big familiy: Me,my parents and 2 brothers one is younger and one is older.I live in Kranj and I'm attending the secondary school of economics in Kranj.My favourite subject is P.E. because I like all kinds of sports.Yes I'm sportsman.I play hockey at Hockey Club Triglav Kranj and I'm very good at it.I've been to Canada,Austria,Czech Republic...etc.
I like:hockey,friends,hot babes,good parties...Yes I am a veeeeeery easygoing person,because i think life is beautiful;)..I like motorcycles too.I have one at home and when I have time I have a ride with it.When I'll have to earn my own money I'll be probably a hockey player in NHL,I hope this will come true. Did I mentioned that I'm single?I like rock music.I don't read at all. I loooove summer but i hate autumn.I think that's all...FOR NOW blog me and you'll know more about me:)



My name is Zerina,and my surname is Mahmutović.I was born 27th of May 1993 in Bosnia and Herzegovina,and I live in Slovenija in Kranj with my mum,dad and sister!My sister is name Armina and she is 8 years old,my mum is name Azra,and my dad is name Omer!My zodiac sign is gemini.I live a block of flats this is my permament address!My favourite subject is biolgy,I also like English cllases because is foreign languages.My material status is single,my hobbies is playing volleyball!My favourite male and female filmstar is Jim Carry and Angelina Jolie!I like all music to listen!I don´t have pet because I don´t love animals! If you want to know more about me... you can ask me!!!Bye


Heei everyone:)..My name is Maša and I'm 15.I live in Tržič.My birthday is on the 7th of May so as you can see my zodiac sign is taurus. I have a family too,but is not so big...because I'm an onlychild but that's fine to me.I have brown hair,brown eyes and I'm for about 1.70 m tall.So..i Love: my boyfriend(guys I'm NOT single anymore),shopping,gosipping with my girlfriends,snowboarding in winter,parties,friends,travelling around the world...I like pop music and i can't imagine day without it:).I'm very sociable,friendly,sometimes moody,talkative and easygoing.My favourite sport is probably volleyball when it's warm and snowboarding when it's veeery cold and it's snow outside:)..I'm attending the secondary school of economics in Kranj.My facvourite subject is P.E.,because of teacher..He rocks:)..I don't like books I prefer reading magazines.What about the future?Because I like cosmetics i want to be a cosmetician. I just can't wait to meet new people,have a chat with them...So this is a short description of me...if you want to know me bettter just blog me..Why not?



My name is Jure. I was born on the 4th of January in 1993 in Kranj. I live in Tržič in a block. My zodiac sing is capricorn. I haven' t got eny brothers or sisters. My hobbys are football, basketball, volleyball, computer games and online manager computer games... I listening pop music and sometimes rock too. I'm enthusiastic on economy and I will probably be a manager or I will do someting with politics. My favourite colour is blue and my best school subject are economy and maths. The best movie which I ever see is Braveheart. The beautiful language for me is Spanish.
My favourite male actor is Mel Gibson and female is Jennifer Anniston.If you want to know more about me...just ask... =)
Bye* =)


My name is Eva. I was born in 1993 in Kranj, so I'm 15 years old. My bitrhday is on 26th of April. I'm taurus. I live in Trstenik. My adress is Trstenik 1i. This is a permanent adress. I live in a detached house. I live there with my family - mother, father and brother. My brother is older than me, and he's very annoying. I'm attending school of Economics in Kranj this year. I go to school by car. Last year I was attending primary school Simon Jenko. My best subjects in school are English and German. I'm stubborn, friendly, funny, helpful... I love my friends, my boyfriend, music, shopping... In my free time I usually play computer, go out with my friends, listen to music, go for a walk, dance, sing... I think that's enough about me. If you want to know something else, just ask me. Bye-Bye*


  • My name is Mia. I am 14 years old and i am from Kranj. I have birthday on 21 of november.My zodiac sign is scorpio.
  • I have one sister Jasna and one brother Simon and they are both older than me. I like sports like football, volleyball, basketball and I like karate. Last year I was training volleyball in primary school. I hope I wil train volleyball this year too because i really like it.
  • I like american music like hip hop and this stuff.
  • I was in USA last year in New York, it was so cool. And i was in France too in Paris. once I was in summer and once in winter. It was great. I really like Paris they have so cool clothes and food. It is really beautiful town no matter in which season=D.
  • Now i am in secondary school of Economics in Kranj. The school in nice and the teachers are great. My favourite subject is Slovene:) hehe:DIn Slovenia i have many friends. From primary school and now i got so much new friends. I love them.I like animals too..
  • One year ago i had a chinchila. it was so nice and pretty animal i really miss it.
  • My favorite man actor is Chad Michael Murray..and my favorite woman actor is Angelina Jolie.
    My favorite singers are:50cent, T.I.,Chris Brown, Bow Wow, Ne-yo, Rihanna, Beyonce, Jordin Sparks...i
  • f you've already seen at a font you can noticed that the pink is my favorite color.
  • I like shopping so that way i write i love Paris because there aro so many shops:D
  • That's me. so if you want to now me better, just say=) baii* Mia*