Friday, October 10, 2008

Just me=)

Heii^^ My name is Tinna. I'm 14 years old. My birthday is on 3rd of November. I'm an open minded girl, who likes adventures, meeting new friends, shopping and I can't live without my friends. I love gossiping with my friends=D. I like travelling a lot too. I've already been in great Britain, Poland, Italy, Austria (Salzburg, Wien), Germany (Munchen). I love dance, particularly hiphop (I've been dancing for more than a year). Beside dance i like horse-back riding, playing beach volley, climbing and playing piano. I looove parties and music, especially trance, techno, schranz, house and hiphop. I've got long straight blond hair and blue eyes. At home I'm never alone. My company are my older sister and younger brother. I've a dog. Her name is Lora. I had a fish too, but she passed away last month (rip=/)...well that’s me in few sentences. If you wont to know more… just ask me=) Bye<3