Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sports and me

I`m not quite a sportsperson, but i enjoy doing martial art. My favourite are kickboxing, tai-chi and savate. Kickboxing and savate are quite the same, the difference is, that in kickboxing is important, that you win a match. In savate is technique most important. 2nd difference is, that in savate you progress by collecting different kind of gloves (like belts in karate). I use tai-chi for relaxing and breathing exercises. In kickboxing i am quite good, i have a little more problems in savate, because i need to know many different poses and stances. These three sports i don`t practice regularly, but just when i have time and i wish to do something for my body. For tai-chi you don`t need anything, just comfortable clothes. In kickboxing and savate you need boxing gloves, pads for knees and feet and a place to practice. In the future i would like to be more affective in these sports.