Friday, October 3, 2008

Anci :)

Hi! ...

I'm Anja and I'm 15.My birthday is on 2nd of July.I'm from Slovenia and I live in Kranj. I have one younger brother,he's 12 and he's veeeeery annoying=) Oh..and I've got a mother and father. So enough about my family let's talk about ME(:
So..I love shopping,music and sexy guys;)..I'm talkative,optimistic,easy going,sociable...AND single.=) Some people would say I'm a litle bit crazy but I don't mind because I enjoy every second of my life.I like reading books especially novels=)I love gossiping with my girlfriends:) I like parties too ;)..I don't have a favourite sport and I don't have a favourite subject.I want to be an actress or maybe a lawyer or a judge I don't know.But I know I Loooove music especially techno:) I like meeting new people and I can't wait to meet you:)..So IF you want to blog me...what are you waiting for..?

P.s: I DON'T bite :)..Have a nice day=*