Thursday, November 20, 2008

Škofja Loka

Škofja Loka was first mentioned as a square in year 1248 and in year 1274 as a town. City was named after bishops(bishop=škof=Škofja Loka). 22.093 is the number of inhabitans.
354metres is the sealevel of the city. Community`s surface is 146km².
Very popular hill above city is Lubnik. In Škofja Loka are two rivers: Selščica and Poljanščica.

Over the old town is a castle named after the city.For major safety purposes the town was secured by town wall constructed in the beginning of the 14th century. The castle was in the history at first home of bishops and had main tower as jail. Then the nunes came and used the castle for their purposes and torn down the tower.

Every year on the of June the city transforms into the city of Medieval time and it`s called the Path of Venus.
In Škofja Loka worked some of famous persons in Slovenian history, for example Ivan Grohar, who was a painter; Ivan Tavčar, who was a writer and France Planina, who was geologist, biologist, teacher and quite a time even headteacher.
In the city are a lot of art museums and a history museum in the castle.
It`s a small town, so we have only one cinema on town`s square.
My favourite place in Škofja Loka is Homan house with confectionery,where they make the best ice-cream and hot chocolate in the town.