Thursday, February 19, 2009


My name's Manon, i am 16 years old, i have one brother and one sister their have 31 and 29 years old, i am in class of 2bpc2, i love my friends, the lunx.

My presentation

My name is Div im 16 years old
Im live in Amiens , i go to school in Saint remi
Ive got curly black long haire , brown eyes , Im from Africa ( Congo & cap vert )
I love life , play with my friend , go shooping , reads a Mangas and Msn
My favourite actor is Brad pitt i love he because his so cute and so famous
My favorite singer is Rihanna i love her because she's fun , young , and cute too i think she like me lol ...
I want to speak with all people from every where in the world
Im in 2BPC2 class
Im waiting for you all ...

<<>> By DrâmmàH