Monday, January 26, 2009


I think that I am a very sporting person, because I like a lot of sports axample; football, basketball, handball, voleyball, swimming, cycling and other sports too… Capital reason, that I playing a lot of sports is enjoying in it. Probably I play it well, but I don t want to estimate myself. All this sports I play or do in my free time for relax, but Voleyball I played once a week at school. I haven t got some competitions because I play it just for fun.
I will tell something about football, because this is my favourite sport. We can play it on playgraund or in footbal hall or in some place. In this sport are a lot of rules. If you want to play it you first time need some ball than comparative shoes and maybe some special dres. I respect some good sports players. Some example in Slovenia is Primož Kozmus, who get a gold medal on Olympic games. I m often watching football games in League of Champions on TV it is very interested, because there are very good clubs and I can see some profesional football tricks and beautiful goals. In the future I will probably play the same sports that now, because it is good for relax and for fresh spirit in healty body.

My sport

Sport is my way of life. It relaxes me physically and mentally.
I practise basketball. I like being on a team trying to score a basket.
This ball game has been played in the Olympics since 1936. In the last Olympic Games in Beijing the United States team defeated the Spanish team and won the gold medal.
I hope that in fthe future also Slovenia will win a medal in playing basketball.
How good are you at playing basketball? Which basketball team do you root for?

Submitted by Biljana

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sports and me

I`m not quite a sportsperson, but i enjoy doing martial art. My favourite are kickboxing, tai-chi and savate. Kickboxing and savate are quite the same, the difference is, that in kickboxing is important, that you win a match. In savate is technique most important. 2nd difference is, that in savate you progress by collecting different kind of gloves (like belts in karate). I use tai-chi for relaxing and breathing exercises. In kickboxing i am quite good, i have a little more problems in savate, because i need to know many different poses and stances. These three sports i don`t practice regularly, but just when i have time and i wish to do something for my body. For tai-chi you don`t need anything, just comfortable clothes. In kickboxing and savate you need boxing gloves, pads for knees and feet and a place to practice. In the future i would like to be more affective in these sports.