Thursday, September 18, 2008


Dear Mrs Hladnik and the students of the 1A class,

I am very happy to work with you this year. Your partner class is the 2BPS2 of the Professional High School of St Rémi, Amiens, France.

I’m sure we will have a great time communicating together and sharing points of views and ideas. We will practice our English language and we will learn a lot about French and Slovenian cultures.

My students have written a small introduction about themselves, don’t hesitate to comment and start communicating with them!

We hope to discover more about all of you!

Mrs Cioc

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Dear Mrs Cioc and the students of the 2BPC2 class,

Me and my students have been working on writing and talking about ourselves, our families, hobbies, plans for the future ..., we have filled in a formular giving basic personal data, we have carried out oral interviews (pair work). Your partner class will be the 1B class of The Secondary school of Economics, Kranj, Slovenia.
So what shall we do next?
Let's each of us open their own account at , then write something interesting about ourselves, insert photos, music, video ... make links to our favourite pages etc.
Then each of us will join in giving comments, asking new questions, making new suggestions ...

We hope we'll have a great time working together,
Mrs Hladnik
On the photo two of 1b class girls are greeting you!