Monday, March 23, 2009

A fairy tale

Once upon a time a time there was a charming princess. She lived in a nice, big house with her stepmother only, because her father had died. Her stepmother was a very rude person and she didn't like the princess at all. Also she was a good friend with a wicked witch. They both wanted the princess to die and leave all her property to her.

Somewhere far away a handsome hunter lived. When he heard of the beautiful princess, he decided to find and marry her. On the night when the hunter went to find the beauty, a terrible storm came on with thundering and lightning, and the rain poured down in torrents. All the city knew that something terrible was going to happen. The witch and the stepmother heard of the hunter so they waited for him, and when he came, the witch and the stepmother tied him and tortured with the torturing devices they kept in the basement. The princess didn't know what they were doing to her darling. Then they took the fragile girl to a medieval castle and locked her in a tower there.

But the strong, handsome hunter managed to escape. Immediately he headed towards the castle to save his beloved girl. But at the front of the tower there was a big, dangerous dragon waiting for him. Luckily the hunter was so strong and his wish to save his love so big that he killed the dragon. The hunter and the princess got married and ran away, but before that they had turned the witch and the stepmother into frogs using a magic wand. The young couple lived happily ever after.

Mia Dedivanović, 1 egč


Mrs Hladnik said...

Mia, everyone who will read this story will have a sound good night sleep.Happy ends should be more usual also in real life!

Eva said...

mia res hudo napisala =)